• Save 20% off LED Light Mask

    Our award-winning LED mask is TGA approved and has both red light and blue light settings for different skin concerns.

    $499 value, yours for $399

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  • Silicone Facial Cleanser + Cryotherapy Facial Spoons

    Prepare your skin for the day ahead.  Get a clean, fresh, firm glowing base ready for where the day takes you.

    $260 value, yours for $199

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  • Cryotherapy Facial Spoons + Sculpting Roller

    Dull, saggy skin doesn’t live here. Get an instant lift and glow while toning and shaping your face in the long term.

    $150 value, yours for $119

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  • Silk Essentials Set + Face & Body Roller

    Are you getting the sleep you need? Set yourself up for some quality sleep with a relaxing regime. Premium silk 3pc set & roller.

    $200 value, yours for $99

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