The Bed-Time Edit

Silk Essentials Set + Face & Body Roller

$200 value, yours for $99

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Are you getting the sleep you need? Set yourself up for some quality sleep with a relaxing regime


Not just a luxury item (even though they do feel divine), silk pillowslips also do magic things for you while you sleep.  The silky glide of silk pillowcase makes the perfect sleep surface for your face & hair.

Bundled up with a beautiful silk eye mask and headband, you will be slipping into sweet dreams.


Relieve tension by relaxing your muscles at the end of the day with the Face & Body Roller.

Use in conjunction with a night time serum, cream or body moisturiser for a simple relaxing all body massage before bedtime.

Simple self-care that will leave you feeling refreshed

  • The Bed-Time Edit

    Silk Essentials Set + Face and Body Roller

    Together for just $99

Why we love this

  • This set makes a beautiful gift for you or a loved one

  • Sleep is your free anti-ageing treatment, don’t skip this step in your routine

  • Waking refreshed gives you the best start to your day ahead