How To Wash Your Face Like It’s 2022:

Simple Steps To Clean Healthy Skin

So goes the story…. My great grandmother had the most beautiful skin and all she used was a bar of soap to wash her face, which is highly likely – but let me ask, how long did she live with a hole in the ozone layer, or what was pollution like when she was young ... and how much make up did she wear daily (imagine comparing your range of cosmetics to hers)  

All I am getting at is times change, the world changes and new products are born – and ones that are good should be embraced. One of those products is a sonic facial cleansing device, it is the easiest way to achieve a deep clean that will minimise pores, remove impurities and provide you with fresh rejuvenated skin.


To start you on your face washing journey, lets talk about why you need to wash your face:

Basically because your face gets pretty filthy throughout the day. While you wash your hands periodically throughout the day you don’t give your face the same attention and it can get into just as many dirty situations in any given day.  It is in the weather, you constantly touch it, you get food and drinks on it, you smother it in make-up, then all day long dead skin and pollution build up … No wonder it’s hard to keep your face fresh!

Ok, now we agree that face washing is essential – how do I actually wash my face?  


Start with removing your make up, use a make up remover wipe or cloth and make up remover. Try our Ellodi Reusable WipesThen cleanse your skin using a cleanser that suits your skin type(see our blog on your skin type for more information)combined with warm (not hot) water, wash in a circular motion and ensure you clean well around your nose, chin and jawlineRinse with warm water and pat dry with a towelApply your moisturers straight after cleansing to avoid dehydration


*Assuming you have washed your face the night before, there is no need to remove makeup

Wash your face with warm water, use a cleanser or water based face wash for a gentle cleanRinse with warm water and pat dry with a towelApply your moisturers straight after cleansing to avoid dehydrationSo why do a need a silicone cleanser over using your hands, face washer, wipes or whatever else you maybe using?

Silicone cleansing devices offer:

Sonic vibrations – gentle vibrations that open your pores to achieve a deep cleanSilicone brush tips – tiny bristles flex and mould to your skin without causing any damage. These little bristles will brush away dead skin and build upAnti-bacterial – bacteria will breed in warm wet environments, so if you’re not using a fresh towel or anti-bacterial brush you maybe spreading bacteria over your clean faceCirculation – the massaging sensation promotes circulation in your face, good blood flow will improve your complexionNot all cleansing devices are created equally - What to look for when purchasing a cleansing device:Silicone over bristles: bristles can be harder to clean, which can lead to bacteriaPremium anti-bacterial silicone: low grade silicone will disintegrate over time and will grow bacteriaQuality construction: long lasting rechargeable battery, battery indicator lights and a quiet motor Flexible design: because your face is not a box, you need to be able to get into all the places that the dirt loves to hide

Obviously, we highly recommend our Silicone Facial Cleanser, why not find out more.


Q&A for Cleaning Your FaceQuestion: How often should I wash my face?

Answer: Twice a day is recommended, however if you are stuck for time, night-time is the best time, this allows your face to be clean overnight

Question: Do make up wipes equal a clean face?

Answer: Using packet make up wipes will clean the make up from your face, however for a deep clean and minimise pores you really need to use a cleanser and water. Some makeup wipes will also leave a residue that needs to be cleaned from your skin.

Question: Do I need to use a cleanser?

Answer: A good quality cleanser is designed to lift dirt from your skin, however it is not essential you can use soap, however you will need to check for fragrances or other additive that may harm your skin.