What Is Cryotherapy Facial And How Can You Add It To Your Regime?

Cryotherapy is any form of cold therapy, where cold devices
are placed direct on the skin. Cryotherapy or cold therapy can be used anywhere on the body for various benefits, it is regularly used when you hurt your body,
with a bump, bruise, cut or muscle strain, as it restricts blood flow, decreases inflammation and numbs pain. 

When your skin is exposed to cold temperatures blood vessels
and the pores in your skin contract. Once your skin returns to normal temperatures your blood vessels dilate quickly which increases blood flow and oxygen to the area that has been cooled. This leads to an immediate reaction and on sensitive skin such as your face, you will see skin contract and an instant reduction in redness and inflammation.

So, what are the benefits of using cryotherapy as a part of your skincare regime?

Cryotherapy will decrease redness, reduce puffiness and boost skin tone, it also feels fantastic. You may also find over time that cold therapy will lift, sculpt and tighten your skin, especially around your neck and jawline.

What types of cryotherapy facials are available

You can receive a cryotherapy facial at a professional therapist, they will administer liquid nitrogen over your skin to create an ice-cold vapour, this will chill your skin. Home cryotherapy is best done with cryotherapy spoons or globes. Stainless steel is the quickest to cool, and offers the most efficient method of cryotherapy.

What is the best way to add cryotherapy to your regime?   

Morning is a great time indulge in cryotherapy with immediate benefits of reducing eye puffiness, shrinking pores, firming your skin and promoting a healthy glow it is the ideal base prior to applying your make up.

It is also a great treatment to use in conjunction with your sheet masks. Apply your hydrating mask then use cryotherapy spoons over the mask to help stimulate blood flow, reduce redness

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Not sure how you get the most from your cryotherapy facial?

For a step by step instructional video on how to get the best results using cryotherapy spoons, see our Product Page. However, these tools are great to be used however and wherever you think you need them. Just remember
to have some serum or moisturiser so you are not pulling at your skin while in use.

We highly recommend our Cryotherapy Facial Spoons, with the stainless steel design
they hold and transfer the cold, while the ergonomic shape fits well over the eyes and around the face and neck contours making them easy to use.