Why LED Light Therapy is a must for your at home routine & what to look for when buying a LED Mask

Due to the simplicity of at home LED light treatment and the amazing results that can be achieved LED light therapy has become very popular.  At Ellodi we have also been amazed to learn of the benefits of LED Light, the benefits for your skin, muscle tone, blood flow and cell regeneration are only just being translated into at home products. Work in the technology is now focused on muscle rejuvenation and repair for sports injuries, treating the symptoms of arthritis, generating hair regrowth, and more recently using light to boost your mood.    

We have developed our LED Light Therapy Mask in conjunction with experts in Light Therapy to ensure that our products are the best in market, meeting strict safety and Therapeutic Goods Association Approval. Unfortunately, not all LED masks meet these high standards, so it is important for you to know what to look for when purchasing one for yourself.

Firstly, what is LED Light Therapy?

LED stands for light emitting diode, it is a chip that produces light wavelengths, it was initially developed by NASA scientists to encourage plant growth and photosynthesis, since this finding it has also been found to promote healing and repair. 

Over the past few years professional LED Light Treatments have become a popular treatment with dermatologists and beauticians, more recently at home products have hit the market due to the non-invasive nature of the treatment.

Is LED Light Therapy safe?

Using LED Light Therapy is safe and painless, it is also simple and easy to do at home. To be effective the light must meet specific wavelengths, there must also be a sufficient source of light to achieve results. In Australia LED Light Therapy is classified as a medical treatment and therefore products must be approved prior to sale, this will ensure the product you are using is both safe and effective.

An LED Mask is also an electrical device, it is important you have a product that meets Australian Electrical Safety – this will ensure all components have been tested to Australian standards.

Does LED Light Therapy work?

Yes! LED Light Therapy is proven to be effective. It is accumulative, meaning single or irregular treatments don’t show significant effects. To see results you need to be using your device a few times a week, consistency is the key to seeing real effects.

Red Light: will treat the outer layer of your skin,
stimulating collagen production, blood flow

Blue Light: targets bacteria that lies on your skin

Is LED Light Therapy for everyone?

Unfortunately, it is not recommended for everyone.

It is not recommended for use on very dark brown to black skin, classified as Type V & VI on the Fitzpatrick scale. These skin types are at an increased risk of pigmentation, peeling or scarring, from LED Light treatments, if you are unsure if this would be suitable for you, please see consult your doctor.

LED Light therapy is also not recommended for use on severe acne. We recommend getting treatment by a medical professional for this skin condition.

Ok, so now you are up to speed on LED Light Therapy, so what should you be looking for when purchasing an LED Mask?

1. TGA Approval: The Therapeutic Goods Association is responsible for approving medicines and medical devices; an LED mask must meet their standards to be sold in the Australian Market.

2. Eye Protection: While the LED Light is not harmful to the eye, it can be overpowering to sensitive eyes. Built-in eye protection will alleviate the strain caused by the light on your eyes.

3. Flexible, Silicone Mask: this allows the LED lights to be as close to your skin as possible and will give the best results. It also makes the mask more comfortable to wear.

4. Red & Blue Light: Having the option of both red and blue light means you can treat any pimple or acne flare ups when they occur as well as the healing and rejuvenating powers of the red light.

5. Number of LEDs: the number of lights will increase the intensity of the treatment; you should look for as many LED lights as possible.

  • Uncomplicated

    Simply apply to your face and press the button to turn on. Lights will turn off automatically after a 10 minute treatment time.

  • A forever product

    Your mask wont run out, you won't need to replace or refill it. Simply recharge the battery charger every few weeks and keep recieving the benefits.

  • Has no downtime

    Relax or get some chores done while you have your treatment. Your skin will be ready for anything straight after the treatment.

How to add LED to your regime:

We recommend cleaning your face thoroughly prior to your treatment, especially if you will be having an anti-acne blue light treatment. This will ensure that there are no barriers for the light to penetrate before meeting your skin. If you are treating yourself to a red light anti-ageing treatment you can apply a hydrating mask or serum prior or post treatment.

How many treatments do I need? We recommend 3 x 10-minute treatments per week, consistency is the key with LED treatments, so for best results you do need to schedule this into your week.  You can have up to 5 treatments a week, which is ideal if you are treating a specific problem, or an outbreak. All you need is 10 minutes, the controller will even turn the mask off after 10 minutes so you will know when the treatment is complete.

Morning or night? Any time of the day that you can fit in your treatment is fine. Before bed, as a part of your wind down, relaxation regime or first thing in the morning to give your skin tone a boost, either will suffice. Some people feel instantly firmer and find their skin to be instantly glowing after treatment so many like to treat themselves to a session as they prepare for an event or evening out.

Can I open my eyes? Yes! Its easy to fit in a session in front of the TV, while doing a few chores or even at your WFH desk. It is tested to have no adverse effects on your eyes when in use, however some people do find they are sensitive to the light, so Ellodi includes eye shields to reduce the impact of the light on your eyes, this also makes it incredibly comfortable to wear as the shields mould to your eyes while in use.

How comfortable is the mask to wear? Ellodi’s Light Therapy Mask is made from premium silicone making it so soft, light, and flexible that it is so easy to wear. Unlike hard masks that are often heavy and can sit uncomfortably on your nose, this mask is light weight and will flex to the shape of your face ensuring the LED Lights are set close to your skin for an effective treatment. It also has a wide band fitting over your ears so they are not squashed, the easy to adjust Velcro band keeps the mask firmly in place if you are someone who will like to get a few things done while receiving your treatment.

When should I stop using the mask? Realistically never! The LED treatments will continue to encourage rejuvenation of your skin, boosting your skintone and reducing signs of fine lines and wrinkles.

Unboxing Ellodi LED Light Therapy Mask